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Why Sun Shops?

Work at the Beach!

Almost every one of our locations, both on and off the Boardwalk, has a classic Santa Cruz ocean view that can't be beat! Our stores are so close to the beach that you can taste the salt from the sea, feel the sand between your toes and the ocean breeze through your hair. Guests come from far and wide to experience this magical place for one day, but join our crew and you can enjoy it every time you come to work.

How does $5k sound?

When the Santa Cruz summer crowds flock in, so does the business. Memorial Day through Labor Day is our busiest time of the year. Working with us during this time, you could make an easy $5,000. Think of what you can do with that kind of money. Save up for college, buy that car you've been dreaming of, go on a trip. The possibilities are endless!

Make new friends

Sun Shops is a great place to meet new people. Our summer employment consists of about 200 people among our 17 locations. Many lifelong friendships have been built working for our company, just one of the many perks of being part of the Sun Shops team!

Build your resume

Develop key skills like cash handling, customer service, teamwork and many other abilities that will impress future employers and help guide you into your career. Be it your first job, or a strong addition to your already shining resume, Sun Shops is the perfect stepping stone.


Each year we award scholarships to two full time college students and two high school seniors, who will be full time college students in the fall. This is just one of the many ways we show our appreciation to our hardworking, dedicated staff and assist them in their pursuit of a higher education.


Hiring Process

The first step to apply with our company is to fill out an application which you can find here. Once your application is complete, you can either submit it online or stop into our main Sun Shops location on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, near the Pirate Ship ride. Please include a resume if you have one.

When our hiring window is open, we will review applications/resumes and will be in contact if we are interested in setting up an interview. 

To check on the status of your application, call us at (831) 425-8509.



On The Boardwalk :: 400 Beach Street

Sun Shops
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Santa Cruz Beach Company
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Surf Life

1001 41st Avenue Santa Cruz, Ca.
1338 Pacific Avenue Santa Cruz, Ca.
17b Municipal Wharf Santa Cruz, Ca.

Santa Cruz Bay Company

17a Municipal Wharf Santa Cruz, Ca.

Aloha Santa Cruz

125 Beach Street Santa Cruz, Ca.

Saint Kris

125 Beach Street Santa Cruz, Ca.

Santa Cruz Surf Shop

601 Beach Street Santa Cruz, Ca.


Management Bios

Adolfo Gonzalez :: Director of Facilities

Growing up in Santa Cruz, Adolfo started working for Sun Shops in 2005 while attending Santa Cruz High School. Upon graduating with dreams of becoming a fire fighter he enrolled at Cabrillo College to get his EMT certification. In 2013, Adolfo was selected for the Cal Fire Academy and is currently a reserve with the Banciforte Fire Department, all the while working up the ranks at Sun Shops and eventually becoming our Director of Facilities.

Adolfo makes sure our stores are looking their best, are fully stocked with supplies and everything is working as it should. He also handles the distribution of merchandise for all 17 locations.  His favorite thing about working for Sun Shops is “the family environment the Millers and Morans have created. I look forward to coming to work everyday.”


Brissa Marquez :: Buyer

With experience in merchandising and managing, Brissa is Sun Shops Buyer for the Sunglasses product category. She been employed by Sun Shops since 2005. Brissa was born and raised in Santa Cruz and attended Santa Cruz High followed by Cabrillo College. Brissa’s favorite thing about working for the company is watching the Sun Shops family grow and develop in their life and career.



Angela Vasquez :: Buyer

Angela grew up in Watsonville, Ca. She received her Bachelors Degree from Santa Clara University in Communications with two minors in International Business and Italian. 

Sun Shops was Angela’s first job in high school. After returning from Southern California where she was teaching English as a second language, Angela rejoined our team as manager of Surf Life in downtown Santa Cruz. She is currently the buyer for the jewelry, toy and some gift/souvenir categories. Angela’s favorite thing about working for the company is attending trade-shows and working alongside some pretty awesome people both within and outside the company.


Gerver A. Melgar-Monroy :: Cash Controller & Operations Manager

Originally from El Salvador, but currently residing in Watsonville, Gerver has an A.S in aviation maintenance Technology with training in FAA Airframe and Power Plant Rating. In his free time, he is a student pilot working towards his private pilots license. In Gerver's words, “Flying is truly amazing, the first time you take the controls of an airplane is magical.” Gerver joined Sun Shops in 2004. One of the many things that he likes about working for Sun Shops is the people with whom he works; owners, upper management, and, of course, all the sales associates who contribute to making Sun Shops a successful business. 


Philip Mekis :: Director of Operations

Born and raised in Santa Cruz County, Philip grew up in the Aptos countryside and attended Monte Vista Christian High School. It was during this time that Philip would gain his first employment, a Retail Sales Associate position with Sun Shops. 

Each summer he would return to work on the beach. Philip took a year off of Humboldt State University to travel throughout the northwest. During his time abroad, Philip spent a winter at Squaw Valley USA, where he managed the corporation’s five retail stores. It was after this year abroad that Sun Shops would invite Philip to join the company full-time as a Retail Buyer in the fall of 2008.

As the company grew Philip continued to take on new roles leading to his current position as the Director of Operations, effectively bringing together Sun Shops now 17 retail locations, all under one operational system. Today, Philip most enjoys working with the staff and being part of an experience that may lay a foundation for their future, in whichever direction life may take them.


Stephanie Russo :: Assistant Director of Operations

Stephanie was born and raised in Santa Cruz. She graduated Cum Laude from UCSC in 2010 with a degree in Community Studies with an emphasis in working with at-risk youth. She enjoys being a mentor for the staff and helping them gain work experience.

In 2013, with the help of owners Marcella and TJ Moran, Stephanie started the Sun Shops Scholarship program. Each Year she looks forward to awarding 4 scholarship recipients with money to help with school fees. Stephanie's main job is to help with the day to day operations of running 17 retail locations. She has been with the company since 2005 and is grateful to be a part of the Sun Shops family for all these years!


TJ Moran :: Owner

Born and raised in the foothills of San Jose, TJ attended Archbishop Mitty High School.  After high school TJ moved to Hollister, Ca to attend and play football at Gavilan College from where he accepted a football scholarship from UC Davis.

The summer after graduating UC Davis Design School  in 2001, TJ and Marcella were married. Marcella was starting Santa Clara Law School and TJ went to work as a Project Engineer for WL Butler Construction. TJ spent a year and half in Redwood City, until he was offered a position at Sun Shops as the VP of operations and new projects. Intrigued by the idea of living on the coast and helping out in his wife’s family business, TJ and Marcella moved to Aptos and TJ began working for Sun Shops. Within the first two years of joining Sun Shops, TJ designed and expanded the family business of 7 locations to 11 locations. In 2005, he was joined by Marcella.

Four years later, Sun Shops was awarded Business of the Year honors by the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce. The very next year, TJ designed and managed the expansion of three more locations for Sun Shops. Today, TJ and Marcella continue to run with Sun Shops. Now passionate owners and parents of three, their mission is to stay focused on what’s important in life and the ongoing success for all the amazing people that make up the Sun Shops Family.


Marcella Moran :: Owner

Born and raised in Aptos, California, Marcella’s parents met on the boardwalk as teenagers. They started Sun Shops in 1971 while in college. Marcella and her brother literally grew up on the boardwalk. When she was very young she would stand on a milk crate to ring up sales on the cash register. Marcella worked at Sun Shops all the way through high school until she went on to attend UC Davis where she met her husband, T.J. Moran. Two days after they married, Marcella started Law School at Santa Clara University. In that time T.J. left his position as Project Manager for a large Commercial Contractor and accepted a position at Sun Shops. With her legal degree finished and having passed the bar exam, Marcella made the final decision to return to Sun Shops full time rather than practice law and she has never looked back. She feels so fortunate to work with such great family and friends in such a beautiful place.

As a retail buyer, Marcella is responsible for the purchase of each year’s new
garment line, sandals and hats. She truly enjoys picking out merchandise and the challenge of increasing the sales each year by creatively altering product placement in each of the stores. T.J. and Marcella now have three children who love going to the boardwalk, just as Marcella did as a child.


History of Sun Shops

Sun Shops was established in 1971 by Marshall and Kathy Miller; two college sweethearts who worked at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and were given the opportunity to push around a cart and sell trinkets. That cart turned into a small store front which eventually became a bigger store front. In 1976 the couple opened Sun Shops on the Boardwalk. Today, the original Sun Shops is still in the same location and the now parent company, Sun Shops Inc., operates 17 locations throughout Santa Cruz, California.

About Us

Summer jobs are some of the best times of our lives. Working by the beach, building friendships and making memories to carry with you for years to come; and nobody does Santa Cruz jobs like Sun Shops. Our goal is to not only provide you with a positive, fun work environment, but an opportunity to develop skills that will be useful throughout your life and career.

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